Thanks to technology and the world wide web- we all have the capability of working almost anywhere.  For a growing number of people “home sweet home” is also their office.  Working from home has many perks, but in order to meet the demands of your off-site business, there a few things that need to be done to establish productive working grounds.  Here are a few tips for working from home:

  1. Separate your office from your main living space.

    Creating a work environment that is separate from your home environment is important for productivity and the overall success of your company.  Don’t work from your couch or bed and don’t work with the TV on.  Set up a room that is your own personal office and make sure you have a door for privacy. This is often one of the greatest challenges people face when working from home and it could cost you and your business a lot if too many distractions are occurring.

  2. Set up a Family Schedule Privacy Policy.

    You will not be productive if your daughter or son continually knocks on your door to play hide-n-seek.  Communicate effectively with your family members and emphasize that work time is work time.  Set guidelines and ensure that each family member follows them.

  3. Maximize inspiration and minimize distraction.

    It is best to work in a setting that resembles the corporate or traditional workspace.  Design and set up your office that suits you and your personality.  The more your office is personalized to you, the easier it will be to work.  Even with a little rearranging, it can offer a whole new perspective and increase productivity.  With this said, ensure that your office is set up with the least distraction possible to support your everyday working efforts.

  4. Dress up for work.

    If you look better, you feel better- and ultimately you will work better.  We understand you may feel awkward wearing a business suit in your own home but at least change out of your pajamas into a nice shirt and jeans.  Always separate your work life from home life- and yes that includes dress.

  5. Hold meetings in a professional conference room. 

    There are many business centers, like Encore Offices, that have beautifully furnished conference rooms and offices that you can rent by the hour or by the day.  Don’t compromise your professional image by holding a conference in your house.  Your clients will be more impressed with a state-of-the-art Board Room in a Class-A building, than a dining room setting with your dogs sniffing them as they enter your home.

  6. Use a business address and business dedicated phone line.

    It’s best not to use your home address and home phone for your business because it’s not professional.  You clients will wonder why they are sending mail to a residential address and not a corporate location.  With many “virtual office programs” it is easy to set up a business address and business telephone line with personalized phone answering and mail services.  Don’t compromise your professional image with the convenience of working at home.

  7. Set up work hours and follow them.

    Yes, you have the ability of waking up at 10AM when you work from home, but is that really a smart choice?  While the rest of the world is starting work at 8AM you’re still snoozing.  You can miss a lot of important news relative to your industry.  The same applies to your home life where you should set up family time as well.  If your family is respecting your work time, make sure you respect family time.  Don’t work into the late hours of 2AM unless it is an absolute emergency.

  8. Always have a back-up plan.

    If the electricity went out in your neighborhood and in your house, do you know where you would go?  Or if your internet crashed, what would you do?  We’re happy to say that Encore Offices is here in case of emergencies.  We have day offices, a back-up generator, fiber optic internet, and a freshly brewed Starbuck’s machine. All you need to succeed.

Contact us if you are interested in learning more.  We’re happy to help!