encore conference room

If you are considering holding your next meeting in a hotel conference room, think again.  Here are the top reasons that renting an Executive Suite Conference Room (or shared office space) for a day might be better.

1. Cost Efficiency

Since most hotels are located near airports, in the center of popular cities, and other “high rent” areas, the price to rent a hotel conference room is often far more expensive than a shared office or executive office space.

In addition, hotels require in-house catering which limits and narrows your options of having other food and beverages from outside sources.  Instead of ordering sandwiches or other value-priced platters, you are forced to order over-priced salads and small portioned meals from the hotel.

2. Added Amenities

Business Centers like Encore Offices are fully equipped and business-ready with high-speed internet, projectors, video conference call, smart board, copiers, lounge, and a friendly receptionist to greet your clients.  These amenities far outweigh the standard water pitchers and slide projectors that hotels offer.

Because Executive Suites value a professional environment, other administrative services and a team of executive professionals are available to you that hotels can’t help you with.

3. Availability and Flexible Scheduling

Scheduling a conference time at a hotel can be very challenging when they are busy hosting large conferences, weddings, and special events. Not to mention, it is also very difficult to cancel or rearrange your schedule time due to the requirements hotels impose.

However, Executive Suites are far more accommodating and flexible because they have meeting rooms available by the hour, day, or week. They also provide you with the option to cancel or re-schedule your meeting on short notice without heavy fees.

4. Location and Convenience

Executive Suites are often located near large business hubs and in popular neighborhoods.  For example, Encore Offices is conveniently located in Aliso Viejo which is the halfway point between two major cities, Los Angeles and San Diego.  This provides a convenient central hub for guests and meeting attendees traveling from both of those major cities.

5. Credibility

While many professionals hold their meetings at hotels, hosting it in a Class-A building in an Executive Suite provides much more legitimacy to your business.  When your guests are properly greeted in a business environment and situated in a prestigious board room with coffee service and state-of-the-art technology, they will undoubtedly be impressed.  The professional image that Business Centers provide over Hotels is significant and notable.

Hotel conference rooms are convenient for the traveling professional but it may not provide the credibility your company deserves, nor provide the services you need to run a smooth meeting.

Executive Suites, like Encore Offices, are conveniently located near large business hubs and provide the cost savings you won’t get from a hotel meeting room.

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