Starting your own business isn’t easy. Especially when your company headquarters is located in the garage or basement “office” and you’re holding client meetings at coffee shops. Between the dog barking next door and the loud roar of the blender crushing ice in the next drink order at Starbucks, productivity can really suffer.  This makes it difficult to tackle any of the thousands of tasks you undoubtedly have on your to-do list.  At some point, your home office does not cut it anymore and leaves your business stagnant.

That’s where the value of shared office space comes in.

Shared office spaces and co-working solutions eliminate all the mess and complications of a home office, allowing you to tune out distractions and focus on growth.  If you think you’ve had enough of those Starbucks meetings, consider the following 6 advantages of a shared office space.

 1. Team or one-man operation

Right now you may be operating your start-up by yourself, however as time progresses and your company grows you will need to make some additions.  If you are a one-man operation, there are various office sizes to choose from that provide 24/7 access for those late nights.  Co-working spaces, or shared office space, also offer you flexibility in adding new members to your team by adding additional offices when the time is right.

2. Build Relationships

The difference between a traditional office space and a shared office space are the people who occupy them.  At Encore Offices, for example, you will find a variety of businesses such as attorneys, marketing groups, wealth management, social media agencies, branch and satellite offices, and mortgage brokers etc.

The possibilities are endless and the best part about this is the networking opportunities.  When you work in a diverse environment, it drives creativity and keeps your work day interesting because of these new relationships.

3. Cost-efficient

Building an office or renting a traditional office space could cost you thousands.  Many people don’t realize the costs involved when adding office furniture, telephone service, internet service, office supplies, printers, and fax machines etc.  Not to mention, have you hired a receptionist?

Co-working spaces provide all of these services to you and more. One of the unique features Encore Offices offers is a lounge with an awesome Starbucks machine, vending machine, and even a juicer.  You definitely get more for your money and the time you save not worrying about going to Staples to buy a paper clip is truly notable.

4. Low maintenance

In addition to cost savings, the overall maintenance is lower at a shared office environment.  The janitorial services are taken care of and the paper is always restocked.  The staff at an Executive Suite manages the office to make sure everything is up and functional so you only need to concentrate on running your business.  That includes any repairs for those occasional paper jams and any I.T. services.

5. Makes Clients happy

If you’re still holding meetings at your local coffee shops, your professional image is already compromised. The coffee blenders are noisy, the tables are small, and the shared public Wi-Fi is painfully slow. Walking into a beautiful building with a friendly greeting is definitely more appealing to your clients and is more likely to make a far better impression on you and your business.

All services and amenities are available at the snap of a finger to make your clients feel comfortable and welcomed.  When your professional image is strong, your business will be too.

6. Increase Productivity

With the above combined, the only thing left to really think about are your business goals, tasks, and agenda.  In the early development phase of your start-up, time is more valuable than ever and your work environment can make or break you.  Dozens of intangible factors affect the productivity of your business but the power of collaboration enables you to focus on your core competencies.

The Benefits of Shared Office Space are Clear

Running a business is not an easy chore and if you are still working from home, your business may not be achieving its fullest potential.  Work in a space that drives creativity, network with a diverse pool of professionals, and most importantly focus your time and energy on what’s most important while the rest is taken care of.

Interested in upgrading your home office? 

Contact one the helpful members from the Encore staff or check out the shared office space and services we offer.

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