5 Signs It’s Time to Upgrade Your Shared Space to a Private Office

Shared offices, most notably coworking spaces, are on the rise and all for valid reasons. They are an affordable office solution and a great upgrade from a home office. Many professionals opt for these types of office spaces, especially during the early stages of their business. But an open office environment, like coworking spaces, can become a less viable solution for a few reasons. Productivity concerns. Privacy issues. Professional growth. These are some factors that determine whether or not it’s time to move from a shared space to a private office.

Switching from shared space to private office has many advantages.

We’ve outlined some of the telltale signs of when it’s time to consider making the switch.

1. Too Distracting

Coworking spaces and public areas create the perfect environment for distractions. Consider the amount of people walking in and out of the room or social conversations taking place near your deskspace. A study conducted by Udemy found that meetings are often disrupted by gossip or small talk (54%) and side conversations about other projects (45%). These situations make it difficult to do productive amounts of work and maintain a consistent workflow. While opportunities for collaboration are higher than working remotely or from home, the likelihood of becoming distracted are just as high. If you find yourself procrastinating more often than not, then it may be time to find a quieter place to focus.

2. No Privacy

One of the main caveats to shared work spaces is that your space is someone else’s. The lack of privacy makes it difficult to make business calls or hold in-person meetings. The solution many professionals opt for is booking conference rooms from third parties. While this is a great option, rental fees will add up if your company frequently needs a dedicated quiet space for meetings and events.  With a private office, you’d be able to conduct business calls and meetings in a controlled environment.

3. Lack of Customization

The lack of customization is a major drawback for shared office spaces. Research by Greenaway (2016) suggests that we perform better and are more productive in environments that signal identity.[i] However, with most shared space operators, clients may not move in furniture of their own, hang up artwork, or post up personal photographs. Professionals working a 9-5 job need to feel comfortable where they work, instead they do not have control over the design of their workplace. Moreover, personalization is crucial to establishing your company’s image and brand. Consider private offices as a blank slate for you to create the ideal work space for you and your business.

4. Company Expansion

The need to expand your resources and space is a good indicator that your business is growing. You may find that having a business address is the next step to building your company image. If you’re looking to hire additional staff, space requirements for each employee should be taken into consideration. Other amenities like administrative support, internet services, and printing services become necessary for business operations to run smoothly and efficiently. It may be difficult to be productive in spaces not equipped to handle a company’s growing workload. In time, it’ll make more sense to invest in and upgrade to a private office when your company expands.

5. Feeling Professional Growth

Part of thinking long term is to find a space where your company can live and grow. As your business gains momentum, you need a place where you can complete daily operations without distractions and with essential resources in a single place. If you feel as though you’re ready to move away from a home office or shared office, then it’s time to start looking for the perfect office for the professional you are.

The transition from a shared space to private office is an important decision for you and the livelihood of your business.  Luckily, private offices come in a variety of options making it easy for you to find the perfect fit. If you aren’t ready for the commitment of a full-time, traditional office, then serviced offices and short term leases are features to consider during your search. Whatever route you choose, always remember that investing in the right work space pays off.



[i]Katharine H. Greenaway, Hannibal A. Thai, S. Alexander Haslam, and Sean C. Murphy, “Spaces that signal identity improve workplace productivity,” Journal Of Personnel Psychology 15, no. 1, 2016, 35-43.

Is It Time for a Private Office?

Shared offices are great when you’re just starting out and building your business. But if you think you might be ready for a private office, click below to check out some of the great options we offer here at Encore Offices.