Encore Executive Suites are more than just a place to come in and work. The bond that my company has with the other businesses and the Encore staff has created a family dynamic.
Kelly Mortgage and Realty
happy client
One of the best business decisions we made was our choice to take an office with Encore. Our clients love the facility, and we could not have asked for a better staff to work with. We are always grateful for the professionalism and cheerful support we receive from the Encore staff.
John Valdez
loyal client
The staff at Encore is such a dynamic team with a fun friendship and great energy. Being a remote employee for a software company, based in the East Coast, I aim to find the camaraderie and energy of a traditional office. The Encore team has built this type of atmosphere along with the professionalism and image of a corporate office.
Paul Constantino
happy client
My experience at Encore Offices has had a tremendous positive effect not only on my business, but my health and mental state of mind.  The professional environment and the quality of service exceed my expectations.  Additionally, the energy and positive attitude that permeates throughout the suite is contagious.  The convenience of the Encore pass to the Renaissance Sport Club across the street has enabled me to fit in a quick workout and not feel like I am taking away from my many time constraints.  I would highly recommend other professionals looking for office space in South Orange County to speak to the Encore Offices team, and view the suites at this beautiful location in Aliso Viejo.
Brian Ballo
The staff is very friendly, helpful, and very professional. In addition to the formal services, they've added a personal touch - a bowl of candies at the front desk, water bottles for visitors, birthday announcements and cupcakes. While not important to running my business, these 'little things' show they care and keep the atmosphere light and refreshing. It's easy to have a smile on your face at Encore. I would highly recommend their services.
John LaBriola
Wealth Manager
 Fantastic facility. Clean, modern, professional, outstanding location, and competitively priced ... believe me, I checked all of the "usual suspects" like Tech Space, Regus, etc. and found Encore Executive Offices to be a perfect fit. Plus, the office has a great vibe ... which is hard to put a price on but definitely worth something. Everyone, from the team that runs the facility to my fellow business owners/tenants, are great folks and a total pleasure to work with. I highly recommend Encore Offices if you need office space, a conference facility, or just need a place to get work done!
Mark Badran
business owner