In the current economy when middle managers, executives, and experienced sales people are finding
themselves without sufficient job opportunities it has not been uncommon to make the decision to
start your own business. Many people, however, don’t own the necessary skills which come inherent
to entrepreneurs and successful start-ups. A shared service environment with a private office can
enhance a company’s chance to succeed in many ways. Besides the most common reasons for choosing
an office in an executive suite such as cost effectiveness, flexible lease terms, and corporate image,
entrepreneurs can benefit by collaborating with their peers in the same work environment. We see
more and more clients working together in the start-up phase of their company.

For instance, search engine optimization is known to be integral to every company today, yet, it’s
a constantly changing field, so unless you can afford to hire an expert or an employee to assist you
with your efforts, the time it takes to simply do research is costly. A Financial Planner in a shared
service environment, however, may be introduced to an expert in SEO in an adjacent office so they can
exchange ideas and knowledge in support of each other. So not only do companies share services and
common areas such as kitchens and conference rooms in an Executive Suite but now we see far more
sharing of skill sets than ever before.

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